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"You" refers to users of the Technology, including individuals, companies, or legal entities.

"Company" (referred to as "Decipher Industries™," "We," or "Us") is Decipher Industries™.

"Client" is anyone using the Company's provided Technology.

"Product" is the Company's products/services.

These regulations refer to current and former clients of Decipher Industries™. By purchasing a Product, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge the consequences of breaking them.

2.1: Usage Rules

Purchasing implies adherence to these terms; breaches will have consequences. Sharing leaked Decipher Industries™ Products, engaging in unauthorized resale, or violating rules is prohibited. All purchases are considered final.

2.2: Sharing and Use

Only those who have purchased can use Products; refunds are only provided for flawed items. Reselling, sharing within groups, or transferring licenses without permission is not allowed. Violations will lead to the revocation of the Product license. We reserve the right to DMCA.

2.3: Access and Agreement

By using our Service, you indicate your agreement with these terms. These terms apply universally to all customers, and users below 13 years of age require parental supervision.

2.4: Links to Others

We are not accountable for the content or services of third-party websites.

2.5: Termination

Access to the Service may be terminated if rules are violated. Upon termination, your right to Products are ceased.

2.6: Liability Limitation

We are not responsible for any additional damages beyond what is outlined in these terms.

2.7: Dispute Resolution

If disputes arise, we encourage you to first try resolving them informally by contacting us.

2.8: License

The use of our Technology is permitted within specific conditions. Sharing our Technology without authorization may result in termination or a ban.

2.9: Changes to Terms

These terms may change over time; your purchase or participation implies your agreement with any modifications.